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Los Leprosos y El Sexo

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Slipping Into Darkness

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Alex Ferrufino + Davy Mansanalez

Director and Writer of “Slipping Into Darkness”

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Moisés Zamora

Founder of Videomart

FAQ about Videomart's Innovative Platform

Videomart is the only video-on-demand platform that allows you to buy and sell movies, and lets you earn 20% of all purchases made by every new user you sign up through your referral link!

What makes Videomart different from other streaming platforms?

Videomart is a unique VOD Marketplace where you can buy, sell, bid or gift movies, offering ownership to your stream and a lifetime membership with exclusive benefits.

How does the "Buy" feature work on Videomart?

When you "Buy" a movie on Videomart, you gain ownership to your stream for that movie through a Digital Video Ticket (DVT), which is transferred directly to your digital wallet, allowing you to sell or gift it when you no longer want to keep it in your collection.

Can I sell my movies on Videomart?

Yes! Videomart enables you to sell your owned movies for a commission providing a flexible and dynamic movie collection.

Is there a monthly subscription fee for Videomart?

No! We believe you shouldn’t pay for content you don’t watch. Our selection is curated for you to truly experience your entertainment beyond just watching a movie. You’ll have live-streams to filmmakers, behind-the-scenes footage and extra features on selected movies – think of a collector’s DVD set online just for you!

What does the Referral Program work?

You should be paid for your word-of-mouth recommendations. Every user is assigned a Referral Link. When you share the link on your socials and your followers sign up as new users, you get 20% commision of every purchase they make until Videomart reaches one million users!

Is Videomart available on other platforms like Roku?

We’re working on it! Right now, Videomart is web-based only, but don’t worry, we’re in the process of making it easier for you to enjoy our selections in every platform and app. Meanwhile, you can always connect your laptop or phone to your Smart TV.